Transforming the Future of Water Resources™

Our team at Shalewater is driven to get you the most out of your operation. The cost conscious and effective solutions are developed by our water experts so you can run seamlessly and efficiently!

Shalewater Solutions specializes in centralized water recycling, mobile water treatment, trucking, technical waste services, waste dewatering, and optimizing delivery to and from multiple pools, pits and pads to reduce transport expenses. Shalewater is able to identify the most effective water strategies to reduce wasteful practices, eliminate inefficient methods and increase overall operational performance.  Our water management services deliver the most cost effective solution for every situation.


Flowback and Produced Water Recycling Programs

Shalewater Solutions customizes each recycling program to address the specific needs of our partners based on water quality needs and the logistical requirements of the frac schedule. Shalewater is able to stay ahead of the most aggressive frac schedules by properly sizing the throughput of its treatment systems based on the customers needs, resulting in increased efficiency. Shalewater’s treatment systems are mobile and can be set up on location, minimizing trucking costs associated with flowback hauling. 

Fluid Logistics Management

Shalewater Solutions’ consultants leverage our technology solutions to optimize the operational and logistical challenges involved in recycling, transporting and transferring millions of barrels of fluids required for an aggressive frack schedule. Shalewater identifies and ranks hauling companies based on pricing and safety records, resulting in fewer accidents and lower trucking costs.

Water Tracking and Accounting Technology

Shalewater Solutions’ water tracking and management technology simplifies required reporting to regulatory agencies and allows more accurate tracking of hauling hours and loads. This leads to more accurate billing and reporting, lower trucking costs, and increased efficiency for customers. Shalewater software solutions can be integrated into your accounts payable, streamlining the billing process and often eliminating the need for paper manifests.

Central Water Facility Permitting, Construction, and Management

Shalewater has designed, permitted, constructed, and managed centralized water facilities consisting of treatment systems, residual fluids pits, and freshwater impoundments in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Centralizing flowback and produced water treatment operations to service multiple well locations can be more cost effective when operations are concentrated in a geographical area.